Inmates Busted

These Inmates Had One Job … and Hid It in Prison Ceiling
Ohio prisoners tasked with recycling PCs used them to store porn, drug-making advice

NEWSER) – In what sounds like a combo of The Shawshank Redemption and Hackers, two inmates at an Ohio prison were busted for repurposing PCs meant to be taken apart for recycling purposes, then stashing the DIY devices in a prison ceiling, the BBC reports. Even though the hidden handiwork was discovered at the Marion Correctional Institution in 2015, details are just now being released, and accusations of a lack of adequate inmate supervision are being lobbed by the state’s Office of the Inspector General, per WCMH. Officials say the inmates used the PCs to apply for phony credit cards, make bogus prison security clearances, and download hacking tools, porn, and articles on drug manufacturing, among other things. The inmates, identified by as Adam Johnston and Scott Spriggs, described their scheme to investigators.

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