The Black Mamba Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten

NBA: Allen Iverson Helped Kobe Bryant Become ‘Black Mamba’


Kobe Bryant revealed that Allen Iverson helped him become one of the greatest players of all time.
Bryant and Iverson rivaled against each other almost their entire NBA career. The two faced each other in the most important battle of their careers in the 2001 NBA Finals. Bryant and the Lakers won the title that year but for the Lakers legend, his rivalry with Iverson didn’t start and end in the Finals.
In his piece for The Players’ Tribune, Bryant revealed how he became obsessed in competing with Iverson. According to the five-time champ, when Iverson scored 35 the same night he scored 2, he got frustrated and fired up with only one goal in mind – beat Iverson.
“On November 12, 1996, Allen Iverson dropped 35 on the Knicks in a win at the Garden. I played five minutes and finished with two points in a Lakers win at Houston,” Bryant revealed.


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