Black Girls Rock Women Do Too

I watched Black Girls Rock and thought it was a good tribute and long overdue to recognize black women for their accomplishments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem I have with the concept is the word “girls” Why are we referring to grown black women as girls? Girl is a white racist word. Back in black history black women were referred to as girls by whites as if they were children and had no value. They were objects which weren’t real or visible. They had no voice.

Today, black women are no longer maids and nannies, although being a nanny is not a bad thing, if you love children. Black women today head billon dollar producing corporations, they are judges, doctors, scientists, engineers and yes, there doesn’t have to be only one black First Lady. A black woman can also become president of the United States.

Just as the N word has a negative history for black people and shouldn’t be used, referring to grown black women as girls should not be used. And it does matter what you are called and what you answer to when it is a word that doesn’t define you but the idea of calling grown black women girls reduces black women to slaves belonging to their masters and hated by his wives.

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