Moms Who Don’t Put Their Kids First

Moms will continue to bring their children to this daycare center

Three employees were arrested at a suburban Chicago day care center last week after police say they gave a class of toddlers gummy bears with melatonin to calm them down for nap time.
Authorities said they were called to the Kiddie Junction Daycare Center in Des Plaines Friday afternoon for a “suspicious incident.”
There, three teachers admitted to distributing gummy bears with melatonin to children, though the use of the substance had not been approved by parents, police said. The class had 12 children between the ages of 2 and 3, officials said.
“Allegedly, this was done in an effort to calm [the kids] down before nap time,” a release from Des Plaines police read.
CaseClosed2:Melatonin is a man made form of a hormone produced in the brain that helps regulate your sleep and wake cycle. Melatonin has been used in alternative medicine as a likely effective aid in treating insomnia (trouble falling asleep or staying asleep). It is also likely effective in treating sleep disorders in people who are blind.
The moms should reconsider allowing their children to be at this childcare center. If the children were given melatonin, I’d wonder what else they would give them to get the children to fall asleep? Would they give the children weed? Something to think about

Snapchat Ruined Itself by Itself

Rihanna accuses Snapchat of promoting domestic violence

Rihanna does not think much of Snapchat’s apology for an advertisement that appeared to mock her domestic violence incident with her former boyfriend, Chris Brown.

The ad, for a game called “Would You Rather?”, featured photos of the two singers and asked users if they would “rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.”

Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 to assaulting Rihanna during an argument when they were dating.

The “Would You Rather” ad was removed earlier this week, and Snapchat released an apology.Rihanna arrives to celebrate the launch of her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, on September 7, 2017 in New York.

He Confessed To Killing Bob Marley

I killed bob marley, dying cia agent confesses
A retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley. Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could…

This is Not Typical Amazon Delivery Service

Delivery Driver For Amazon Caught On Camera Pooping On Man’s Driveway
The homeowner wants to get to the bottom of this mess.

A homeowner in Sacramento County, California, is down in the dumps after an Amazon delivery contractor left a pile of feces in front of his house.

Nemy Bautista wasn’t home on Tuesday when the driver pooped in front of his house, but he saw the excrement evidence when he came home. Bautista then checked his surveillance cameras and noticed the driver squatting on the passenger side of the truck.

He tried to get to the bottom of this mess by contacting Amazon via this Facebook post:

Mariah Gets Millions of Dollars

She split from fiancé #JamesPacker in October 2016 and demanded $50 million from him for “uprooting her life from New York” to be with him. There was also an incident that occurred between Packer and someone from Mariah’s team which she claims forced her to cancel the South American leg of her tour that year.

Well, according to @Blast, the singer isn’t walking away with $50 million—just a few million and she gets to keep her iceberg of an engagement ring which she wears all the time!


CaseClosed: I’m not sure why Mariah gets any money from her ex, but she did, she must have very good lawyers… so how much did they receive?