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He Confessed To Killing Bob Marley

I killed bob marley, dying cia agent confesses
A retired officer of the CIA, Bill Oxley, has made a series of stunning confessions since he was admitted to the Mercy Hospital in Maine on Monday and told he has weeks to live. He claims he committed 17 assassinations for the American government between 1974 and 1985, including the music icon Bob Marley. Mr. Oxley, who worked for the CIA for 29 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often used as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could…

This is Not Typical Amazon Delivery Service

Delivery Driver For Amazon Caught On Camera Pooping On Man’s Driveway
The homeowner wants to get to the bottom of this mess.

A homeowner in Sacramento County, California, is down in the dumps after an Amazon delivery contractor left a pile of feces in front of his house.

Nemy Bautista wasn’t home on Tuesday when the driver pooped in front of his house, but he saw the excrement evidence when he came home. Bautista then checked his surveillance cameras and noticed the driver squatting on the passenger side of the truck.

He tried to get to the bottom of this mess by contacting Amazon via this Facebook post:

Mariah Gets Millions of Dollars

She split from fiancé #JamesPacker in October 2016 and demanded $50 million from him for “uprooting her life from New York” to be with him. There was also an incident that occurred between Packer and someone from Mariah’s team which she claims forced her to cancel the South American leg of her tour that year.

Well, according to @Blast, the singer isn’t walking away with $50 million—just a few million and she gets to keep her iceberg of an engagement ring which she wears all the time!


CaseClosed: I’m not sure why Mariah gets any money from her ex, but she did, she must have very good lawyers… so how much did they receive?

Trump Lost Millions

Business #TrumpsAmerica

OCT 17, 2017
How Donald Trump’s Fortune Fell $600 Million In One Year

By Dan Alexander and Matt Drange

A tough New York real estate market, a costly lawsuit and an expensive presidential campaign all contributed to the declining fortune of the 45th president. After months of digging through financial disclosures and public property records and conducting dozens of interviews, Forbes now estimates POTUS’ net worth at $3.1 billion, down from $3.7 billion a year ago. He drops to No. 248 in the ranks of the richest people in America, down from No. 156 in 2016.

The biggest hit was to Trump’s real estate portfolio, which is weighted heavily toward New York City. Values of several Manhattan properties, particularly those on or near Fifth Avenue, have dropped, shaving nearly $400 million off his fortune. Some of his golf properties, including ones in Miami, Ireland and Scotland, have also declined in value, as some would-be guests stayed away, apparently offended by the president’s politics and bombast. Trump’s cash pile is down an estimated $100 million since last year, after he spent $66 million on his campaign and $25 million settling a lawsuit over Trump University. As always, we refined our estimates based on new information uncovered during months of reporting. Read more here…