Kelly Is Still Mad

Michael Strahan is leaving the show. She’s still fond of him except if he ever wants

to return as a co host, it will be when Kelly is on vacation. Nothing like a scorned woman.

Michael Strahan co-hosted his last episode of Live With Kelly and Michael on Friday, leaving the daytime show ahead of joining Good Morning America full time in the fall.

While reports ahead of Strahan’s episode indicated that the entire show wouldn’t be dedicated to saying goodbye to Kelly Ripa’s co-host, the duo didn’t waste any time addressing Strahan’s departure.

During the show intro, the announcer said, “Join us to raise a glass to remember laughs and fun times we shared on Michael Strahan’s flashback farewell Friday.”

Ripa, wearing a black dress, and Strahan, sporting a dark suit and purple shirt that was open at the neck, walked out to P!nk’s “Raise a Glass” and then in a reversal of their normal habit, Ripa pulled out Strahan’s chair for him.

Once Ripa took a seat, she grabbed Strahan around the neck lovingly.

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6 month old baby falls in water as mom watches

Mother watches 6-month-old baby fall into a pool and cheers her on

If parents told you they were letting a 6-month-old baby fall into a pool and leaving her you’d probably call child services.

But that’s exactly what a mother did in a video circulating on Facebook, with some saying it’s an awful thing to do to a child so young and others praising it as a worthy safety measure.

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President Obama Speaks At Howard University

In Commencement Speech, Obama Advises Howard University Grads On Creating Change
oward University
Speaking to the graduating class of Washington, D.C.’s Howard University, President Barack Obama emphasizes that his election hasn’t created a “post-racial society” despite improved race relations.

Stressing the need to keep pushing for change, he gives the students at the historically black university impassioned advice on how to “shape our collective future.”

Chief among that advice: Vote, “not just some of the time but all of the time.” He adds: “When we don’t vote we give away our power.”

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Teen Childbirths Down

Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among Hispanics and blacks

The birthrate among American teenagers, at crisis levels in the 1990s, has fallen to an all-time low, according to an analysis released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The decline of the past decade has occurred in all regions in the country and among all races. But the most radical changes have been among Hispanic and black teens, whose birthrates have dropped nearly 50 percent since 2006.

Theories on the reasons for the dramatic shift include everything from new approaches to sex education to the widespread availability of broadband Internet. But most experts agree on the two major causes. More on this story…

Toddler In Back Seat Of Car Kills Mom

2-Year-Old in Backseat Shoots, Kills Mom
Gun reportedly belonged to security guard boyfriend.

A young mother of three was fatally shot while driving with her kids on Tuesday. But this was no road-rage shooting, and the bullet came from the seat behind her. Patrice Price, 26, was driving her boyfriend’s car on Highway 175 in Milwaukee around 10:30am when she suffered a single gunshot wound to the back, WISN reports. Price’s father says her boyfriend, who is a security guard, left a gun in the backseat where Price’s 2-year-old son found it and fired into the seat ahead. Price was able to pull the car to the side of the road where bystanders soon gathered.

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Lemonade? I’d Rather Have Tea

I’m sure the Behives get Queen Bey’s new song lemonade, but I sure don’t. First she was singing about what I thought I understood,husband Jay-Z’s cheating. Then she went on to give homage to Black women who are given a hard time in society. Then she went on to some other stuff I thought was devil worshipping, or perhaps a scary movie and when she broke a car window with a baseball bat, I was lost. I just don’t get it. I understood the music of revolutionary music changing Prince )R.I.P}, I just don’t understand Queen Bey’s music of today.

Perhaps the following will help me and others understand…

Decoding Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

(CNN)Beyonce gave viewers a lot to process Saturday night when she released “Lemonade.”

The “visual album,” which aired on HBO, features videos for 12 of the 13 songs on her new album. It was a dreamy and powerful mix of visuals, spoken word, confessions and lyrics.
Add to that themes of love, betrayal, empowerment, tribalism and family, and it was enough to make heads spin.
Over on the internet the struggle has been real as folks try to sort it all out. But “Hold Up,” we are here to try and help you process your reaction in all its stages. Read on…

Rest On Prince You Will Be Missed

Sheriff: Prince was unresponsive in elevator; CPR failed

Prince, a prodigy, a provocateur and a complete game-changer in popular music, died Thursday at his Paisley Park compound in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen. He was 57.

Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson confirmed Thursday afternoon that deputies and medics were dispatched to Paisley Park around 9:43 a.m. CT, where they found the singer unresponsive in an elevator. Their attempts to revive him failed and he was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. The department’s statement added that it is still investigating the death with assistance from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office. More on this story here…

As Host Of the Oscars, Chris Rock Nailed It

Chris Rock doesn’t mince words when it comes to saying what needs to be said and he does it as a comedian and people laugh, but after the laughter comes the reality of the situation. Rock gives people something to think about. It was wrong to exclude an entire group of people…black people from being included in any categories for an Oscar. Furthermore, many of the movies up for Oscars, the guy on the street hadn’t even seen. The Academy needs to upgrade and get younger people of every race voting, not just white fuddy duddies who don’t have a clue. Check out some of the highlights of the Oscars here…

E-Cigarette Blows Up In Man’s Pocket

It’s time to stop smoking.

A Tennessee man is recovering from severe burns after he says an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket.

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras at the New Hartford Road Shell gas station in Owensboro, Kentucky on Saturday morning. Owensboro resident Josh Hamilton is seen making a quick stop to buy snacks. As Hamilton walks over the Jassie Singh, the cashier, Hamilton said an e-cigarette battery in his pocket exploded.

“He was giving me money,” said Singh. “He put his hand in his pocket and suddenly there was a blast in his pocket. There was fire. Big fire and he was burning.”

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